Friday, September 13, 2013


One of the advantages of growing up in San Fernando was learning that Port of Spain was no more representative of how the country thinks and feels than London is typical of England or Paris representative of all things French. Oh! Our capitol city is important in the overall scheme of things and the views held by those in the capitol often have an inordinate sway over opinions that predominate in the print and electronic media. But those who live in Port of Spain frequently have no idea of what things are really like outside of the city and its environs, nor do they have any real idea of the problems that ordinary people face who live outside.

This lack of knowledge frequently is reflected in the print and electronic media, and one often reads social and political commentaries from persons who are intimately familiar with the boardrooms of the banks and wealthy conglomerates, but have no connection whatsoever with the ordinary person. Because they are influential when it comes to the business of money, they believe that their views and opinions are made of gold and precious stones, even when they are badly misinformed. In addition, the media is dominated by vested interests and 'Status Quos' that have absolutely no desire to see any type of change that does not benefit them. (I read somewhere once that the slightest suggestion of change always means death to some status quo).

I am saying all this because I read an article in one of the dailies recently (i think that it was in the 'Express') where the would-be pundit and commentator opined that "one swallow does not a summer make" and basically said (my words) that Jack Warner's victory in Chaguanas West was very likely a flash in the pan and not likely to be repeated. The man took a whole article to say just that!

My answer to the commentator (and to anybody and everybody else who wants to question the ILP's popularity) is don't take my word for it. Get off your tails and go into the country as we have been doing and meet the people. Ask them what they think. Ask them whether they are happy with the status quo and the tribal voting that has dominated this country's politics from the very beginning. Ask them whether they are prepared to vote tribe again. Go ahead! Ask them!! Because I have been asking them. And what I have been hearing and seeing is very, very different from what I have been readin or hearing on the radio.

For the last ten days I have been travelling all over Trinidad as part of the ILP screening committee. We have been to Sangre Grande, Barrackpore, and just about every where else in between. Yesterday we screened candidates for Port of Spain. This afternoon we are doing San Juan/Laventille and then we will have three more screening sessions for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The ILP has done something different from the other political parties as regards how it goes about screening its candidates. What we have done is rather than make the people come to us, we have gone to them. The advantage to those who were screened is obvious. But the advantage to the ILP is/was that we got out into the country and were able to get first hand the views, not only of the would-be candidates, but the views of the ordinary men and women living in the areas all over the country. It has been extremely tiring for us and not a little stressful, but it has been worth it.

One of the questions that all would be candidates was asked was why do you want to go up as an ILP candidate. What is most interesting is that every single would-be candidate (and so far we have screened more than 400 persons and have about 200 more to screen) has said that they are fed up; they are fed up with tribal politics; they are fed up with the non-delivery of goods and services; they are fed up with the non-representation that they consistently get (or don't get) from their parliamentary and local government representatives. They are fed up with the fact that although both the PNM and the UNC like to cast stones at each other, they are really no different from each other in terms of their performances in government.

They have also told us that they like Jack Warner's brand, which in one word they say is 'performance'. They admire the fact that Mr. Warner works as hard as he does and obviously cares for the people. They like how he is moving and they want to be part of the movement for change that they see sweeping the country.

That (in a nutshell) is what we are seeing and getting from the ground. A little different from what you are reading in the papers, eh?! Well, don't be too surprised at the results on October 22nd. And remember, you read it here first!!


  1. Mr. Montano,
    You are so right!! Whenever I come up to Town and hear the opinions of people living there, or I read the papers I can't help but think that Port of Spain is a different country. They really don't have a clue! And don't talk about the radio people! They are even worse!!

  2. Mr. Montano. I am surprised that a man of your intelligence would come to such a stupid conclusion. You said you are talking to people? Maybe you are hearing what you want to hear. Let me tell you that I have lived in Felicity all my life and while we have never really had representation, along came Jack Warner who if you asked him for a toilet seat, he is willing to give it to you. Trinidadians are all about Gimme , Gimme. They never see past their nose. People keep saying that all the allegations against Jack Warner are just that. Well Mr. Montano can you simply answer how he amassed this big fortune he is financing himself with? FIFA salary? A Travel Agency? You are a smart man, do some due diligence and crunch some numbers. it becomes obvious that there is a lot of corrupt and stolen money there. If you had gone to the area Dole Cahdee lived in, everyone one there would say he was the best thing since sliced bread, he built basket ball courts, financed soccer and cricket teams and much more. Hey, we should have made him an MP too. JackWarner is very simply a corrupt individual who has amassed a fortune by questionable means but people are willing to overlook that because they get something from him. As I am seeing now, the PP government is on a drive going back to the people and doing for them and listening, Unfortunately they should have done this since 2010,but better late than never. I think they are now on track to wining 2015 and Jack Warner will fade away because he will tire of spending his hard stolen money realizing he can’t get back into government to replenish his bank account.

    1. I find it unfortunate that whenever someone does something in T&T there has to be corruption involved. But then maybe that is the neutral factor in T&T. Maybe everyone is corrupt. Or maybe some are corrupt and the others are bankrupt.
      The people that talk about others being corrupt always know someone in an office to get things done. That is corrupt. They don't have to stand in line because, well you put in the reason, and that is corrupt. That is why nothing works. I read where someone in the Airports Authority has a false certificate. When does the HR section work?? Why don't they check credentials?? Or maybe that is because they know someone and therefore noone will check until there is something to gain. Another corrupt act to expose a corrupt act. How does an officer in the Licencing office sell a drivers permit?? Does the Licencing Officer not driver?? Does he not expect that the person to whom he sold the licence would be on the road with him/her?? Probably coming straight ahead and since they cannot drive crash into him/her. Isn't that dangerous?? Or is it we cannot think that far ahead.
      Mr. Montano, I will vote for the ILP candidate in my district. I hope that you can convince many more so that you can make a change. I think the PP government is making many changes but there are lots more to make and they are slowing down with the changes because of the upcoming elections.
      Good luck.

  3. Mr. Montano,
    I disagree completely with that person from Felicity. I do not think that Jack Warner "will fade away". I do not think that the UNC hierarchy is listening. I do not think that the UNC hierarchy really cares.
    I do think that Jack Warner cares ... and whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he is a worker! He has set a new standard for representation! And the people are winning as a result. If he is making teh UNC boys and girl get off their tails and begin to work (finally) then all cudoes to him